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The story behind Mughead Brewing

Mughead Brewing was started in 2010 in a garage in Galloway, Ohio. It was started by 2 brothers. The logo is 2 donkeys with beer mugs on their heads. The reason for the donkeys is Mughead Brewing was started by a couple of jackasses. The name was given to them by the local news paper, the Columbus Dispatch. One day at a beer festival a photographer snapped a picture of the boys wearing hats that looked like mugs of beer.

They have won several medals in home brewing competitions. Mughead Brewing made a beer that was named by the in arena announcer for the local NHL team, Columbus Blue Jackets. Hockey Pop as it is called is a Belgian Blonde Ale infused with 12 y/o Canadian Whiskey. Most all of the beers made are somehow flavored, either with booze or other flavorings.

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