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Secret Society Drinking Code

The Secret Society of Social Drinkers has developed a list that contains a set of drinking and social etiquette that has been established since our creation in 1776. If you have a drinking code please submitted it. If we use it you will received a free membership card.


All are welcome at the tavern. Discrimination against race, gender, ethnicity, or age.
~ Ben Franklin


Respect all opinions. Although we may not agree on all topics, we do agree in freedom of speech. ~ Thomas Jefferson


Never drink alone. Man was meant to discuss. Socializing over a few drinks is one of life's greatest pleasures.

~ George Washington


Act like a gentleman (lady). Never drink so much that you become physically reckless towards yourself or others.

~ Robert Livingston


Be Generous. Nothing taste better than a free drink. Be sure to treat your friends to a round of drinks when you are able. 

~ John Jay


When meeting a group of friends at a bar, the first person to arrive is treated to a drink by the last person to arrive.


Never leave a member behind. When leaving a tavern, no single member should be left alone. 


Never make fun of a person choice of drink. It's a free country, everyone is entitled to pick their own poison. Some like sweet tropical drinks, some like bitter beers. To each their own!


Never leave a bar if your glass is more than half full. It's poor etiquette to order a drink and barely touch it. 


If you accidentally spill someone else's drink, you must buy them their next drink. 


Never do a shot by yourself. Shots are a team drink and require 2 or more people.


A free drink is a sign of friendship. Never turn one down.

~ Thomas Jefferson


If someone offers to buy you a drink, don't select the most expensive brand. Only if you have already were drinking the same drink is it allowed.


The person who buys a round of drinks always makes the toast.


Talk half as much as you listen. Never tell back to back stories.


If you bring alcohol to a party, you have to drink it or leave it. It's considered a gift and it's rude to take it with you.


Always tip your bartender. They are the only people who can keep your secrets.


Never blame the alcohol. You are responsible for all your actions.


Friends will alternate rounds of drink buying. Only if one person announces at the beginning of the night that all drinks are on them.


Proverb: Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear.


Drinking alone is allowed but you must be social with the bar tender.


If a drunk friends spills a secret you cannot repeat or use it against them.


If someone is carrying three or more drinks, he or she always has the right of way.


If the bartender if very busy, do not order an overly complicated drink.


You can be loud and rowdy if you have four or more people in your group.

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