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America's First Happy Hour

America's First Happy Hour Logo

Annual Celebration of the creation 
of the Declaration of Independence

For the past 248 years, members of the Philadelphia Secret Society Chapter have joyously observed "America's First Happy Hour" on the last Friday of June. The venerable Benjamin Franklin, portrayed by the talented Rob DeVitis, delivers the opening commencement announcements which is followed by libations and joyous celebration.

Ben Franklin Secret Society
Annual Celebration
Benjamin Franklin Tun Tavern
Committee of 5 Declaration of Independence
History of America's First Happy Hour

The event is a tribute to the Committee of 5 (Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston). The Committee of 5 made the final changes to Declaration of Independence on Friday June 28, 1776 and presented the first draft to Congress. After a hard day of work, to celebrate their accomplishment, they walked from Independence Hall down to the City Tavern (2nd & Walnut) for a few drinks. This event has become known as "America's First Happy Hour."

Writing of the Declaration of Independence
Celebrate With Us!

Even though "America's First Happy Hour" happened in Philadelphia, Secret Society chapters across the country celebrate this day at local drinking establishments. Click the button below to learn more about starting a chapter in your area and celebrating "America's First Happy Hour."

America's First Happy Hour Celebration
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