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Secret Society Chapters

I'll Drink To That!

America was founded in a bar. That's where the Founding Father's would meet to discuss the formation of the government. Over 200 years later, people still love to go out to meet and drink.

If you think your establishment is a great place for people to meet and drink...start a Secret Society of Social Drinkers Chapter!

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How It Works

As an official Secret Society location, you will receive 4 lapel pins, 4 membership cards and a customized Certificate of Membership to be displayed at your location. In addition, will we add your establishment to our Map and Drinking Blog and promote it on our social media channels.

Chapter Meetings & Events

Each chapters can determine when, where and how many times a year they want to meet. We encourage monthly happy hours hosted on the same day to build up membership.


Every Secret Society chapter celebrates "America's First Happy Hour" on the last Friday in June. Chapters can work with local drinking establishments to plan and promote this event. Click the button below to learn more about "America's First Happy Hour." 

Drinking Society

Chapter Directors Wanted

As a Chapter Director, you will play a vital role in helping us spread our mission of comradery and enjoyable social drinking. You will lead a local chapter of our society, organize events, and foster a sense of community among our members. If you are passionate about promoting social drinking, we invite you to apply to become a Chapter Director and join our mission.

Chapter Directors Responsibilities

Here are some responsibilities that a Chapter Director will have:


  1. Leading a local chapter of the Secret Society of Social Drinkers.

  2. Organizing and hosting social events and happy hours.

  3. Organizes the "America's First Happy Hour Event" at their local brewery. LINK

  4. Creating a sense of community among members and fostering relationships among them.

  5. Discuss topics of interest in an organize setting. 

  6. Recruiting new members to join the chapter and promoting the society's mission.

  7. Collaborating with other chapter directors and the society's leadership team to share ideas and best practices.

  8. Collecting feedback from members and using it to improve the chapter's events and activities.

  9. Maintaining regular communication with members through email, social media and on the Secret Society's Forum Page.

  10. Help the Secret Society find new drinking establishment to be added to our map.

  11. Write blog post about local breweries, wineries, bars and taverns.


These are just a few examples of what a Chapter Director might do. The specific responsibilities and tasks may vary depending on the needs of the local chapter and the overall goals of the Secret Society of Social Drinkers.

Start a Chapter Today!

Chapter Location Membership Includes:

(Customize Certificate, 4 pins, 4 Membership Cards)

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