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Start A Chapter

America was founded in a bar. That's where the Founding Father's would meet to discuss the formation of the government. Over 200 years later, people still love to go out to meet and drink.

If you think your venue is a great place for people to meet and drink...start a Secret Society of Social Drinkers chapter!

3SD Certificate of Membership Bars.jpg

How It Works

As an official Secret Society location, we will send you a Certificate of Membership that you can frame and hang at your bar. You will also receive lapel pins and membership cards for your staff. We will add your brewery to the Drinking Blog and promote your business across our social media.

Getting Started

 ​Invite all your patrons to come out for a "Secret Society Meeting." People love being part of a secret club, especially when it involves drinking. The Secret Society is a fun way to build up a regular community of drinkers. We encourage each chapters to establish their own unique traditions. 


Start a Chapter Today!

Chapter Location Membership Includes:

(Chapter Certificate, 4 pins, 10 Membership Cards)

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