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America's Oldest Drinking Club


History of the Secret Society of Social Drinkers

Throughout American history, establishments such as taverns, bars, and breweries have played a significant role in the social and political fabric of the country. In Colonial America, notable figures including the Founding Fathers would frequently convene at the esteemed Tun Tavern and City Tavern in Philadelphia to discuss matters of national importance. Samuel Powell, proprietor of the land on which the City Tavern stands, once inquired of Benjamin Franklin about the nature of their group and the topics they discussed. Franklin, renowned for his wit and appreciation for libations, humorously referred to their gatherings as the Social Drinkers." During this pivotal period, the need to conceal their identities and plans from occupying British troops was of paramount importance as they prepared for revolution. 


While the Secret Society of Social Drinkers may no longer serve its original purpose, its legacy endures through the tradition of gathering to socialize over drinks.



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