How is this event a "Secret" if everyone knows about it?


Our most popular question. At one point in history, the 3SD held secret meetings. Although meetings no longer need to be secret, we honor the tradition by pretending they still do.

Where do I get a black hooded cloak? What do I wear under it? How long do I have to wear it?

Amazingly Amazon sells a variety of cloaks from cheap $10 ones to expensive cosplay cloaks. The cloaks are only worn during the journey from Independence Hall to City Tavern. After that, we remove the cloaks and celebrate. You are free to be as casual or fancy as you like. LINK

Who can participate in 3SD events?

If you are 21 and over, all are welcome.

What happens if it rains?

The event is rain or shine. If it rains, members are allowed to bring a black umbrella. 

What type of an event is this...Ceremony, Happy Hour, Party?

We hold a brief 15 minute ceremony at Independence Hall to recognize the accomplishments of the Founding Fathers. Then we do what they did...we celebrate with drinks in a happy hour-like environment. 

Are the Foo Fighters playing this event?

Our second most popular questions. We have reached out to Dave Grohl who is known for doing awesome things like this. We have offered to make him an Honorary 3SD member if he attends. No word as of yet...fingers crossed.