America's First Happy Hour.

Annual Celebration of the creation 
of the Declaration of Independence

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Each year members of the Secret Society of Social Drinkers meet up to celebrate the creation of the Declaration of Independence. After a short ceremonial speech from Ben Franklin, the members walked down to the City Tavern to celebrate "America's First Happy Hour".
Annual Celebration
Since 1776, on the last Friday in June, the Secret Society members celebrate "America's First Happy Hour." The members gather in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia where Benjamin Franklin (Rob DeVitis) delivers the commencement announcements. Mr. Franklin then leads the group to the City Tavern where everyone celebrates with food, drinks and conversations. 
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The Secret Society is inviting businesses from across the Philadelphia Region to support and participate in this unique historic Philadelphia celebration. 
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The event is a tribute to the Committee of 5 (Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston). After the Committee of 5 made the final changes to Declaration of Independence on June 27, 1776 they walked from the Declaration House (7th & Market) over the City Tavern (2nd & Walnut) to celebrate their accomplishment. Which we now refer to as "America's First Happy Hour." The next day they presented the Declaration of Independence to Congress.


We would like to thank all of the sponsors who make "America's First Happy Hour" possible.

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